Important Things to Consider Before Sourcing Food Products into the United States

Importing food products into the United States can be a very difficult process. For exporters, it is crucial to stay updated with the latest Government requirements and regulations.

At Blink Global, we help our clients import food products into the United States. In this article, our experts share some tips to help you comply with the major FDA guidelines.

Get Your Storage Facility is registered with the F.D.A

The first prerequisite to import food items in the United States without any prior sanction is to have your facility registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration Authority. It is recommended to notify the FDA of food shipments prior to placing orders. Registration forms are available on the FDA’s official website and make sure you don’t skip the mandatory fields.

Hire an agent to Handle Official Communications

The FDA refrains directly communicating with you are required to have a U.S. food agent that will as act as a liaison for the FDA and will be communicating on your behalf. The FDA will constantly communicate with your agent to schedule inspections and to verify that all food safety requirements are being upheld.

Obtain all Required Permits

As per the guidelines of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, all kinds of food products into the United States will require additional permits from relevant authorities. These permits include health certificates or any other kind of specialized certifications. An Import specialist is assigned by the U.S. Customs and Border protection at each port of entry that you are supposed to consult with regarding the requirements for your particular food product. U.S. Customs and Border Protection recommends importers to hire customs brokers that can assist with your CBP entry and ensure that you comply with all the legalities.

 Make Sure Your Product is Labeled Appropriately

Another important and crucial requirement that is often overlooked by the importers and the exporters is the proper labelling of your products. All the products must be labelled with appropriate information. There are multiple formats permissible for labelling and you can pick one depending upon the size of your products and product packaging. The information must include country of origin, name and full address of the distribution company as well as brand logo and other details.

Source Food Products with BlinkGlobal

At Blink Global, we have agents Specialized in the sourcing and sale of a wide range of food products that include fruits, dry fruits, and vegetables. We with our expertise, we have made the sourcing of food items easy and hassle-free. Contact us for more information.