Eliminating Risks with Supplier Vetting

At BlinkGlobal, we understand that running a business that depends on vendor management and supply chain management can be exhausting. This is why we offer complete supplier risk management services that will make business easier for you. Whether your business depends on one supplier or multiple suppliers, the ability to find and keep exceptional suppliers has always been fundamental to the success of a business, no matter the industry.

Supplier Relationship Management

Gone are the days when it was enough to evaluate suppliers based simply on price, location, products, and capacity. While those qualities are still essential, effective and risk-free sourcing requires a thorough vetting process in today’s competitive and data-driven business environment. Without effective Supplier Risk Management, your business is always at the risk of running on thin ice.

A supplier with internal problems can delay your orders or contaminate product quality (foul play with product quality), making you miss deadlines and causing you to deliver unsatisfactory products to your customers. Late deliveries and low-quality products can result in loss of customers and eventually loss in business.

Supplier Management Solutions

To counter such risks, BlinkGlobal offers its clients a well-structured and standardized Supplier Risk Management process which ensures that all of our vendors and suppliers go through critical supplier vetting in order to guarantee that our clients only meet the most reliable and reputable suppliers in the industry.

After our careful examination and evaluation, our clients are delivered the luxury of sifting through suppliers at their leisure to find a supplier with the best attributes.


We make sure that the core values of our suppliers are the same as ours, so that our clients won’t face unnecessary blockers, risks and frauds.


Our Vetted Suppliers practice environmentally-friendly practices, keeping a healthy relationship with their own employees and neighbors.


The records of our suppliers are checked thoroughly, we make sure that they have written policies that reflect the integrity we require to do large scale business with them.



We audit credit reports and gather market reviews of our suppliers to make sure that the supplier has a clean reputation, strong balance and ample cash flow.


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