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The fast-moving trends in the world of business directly put in motion inevitable waves of change in the sourcing industry.

Supply Chain Management

We assess each project to select the most suitable production facility based on product quantities and target prices.

Supplier Risk Management

Running a business that depends on vendor management and supply chain management can be exhausting. 

Business Collaboration

At BlinkGlobal, we do more than just connect you with a manufacturer or a supplier

About us

Based in Cleveland, Ohio. Our journey began in 2007 and since then we have provided our services to small and large businesses all over the USA and Canada under the umbrellas of BlinkSignsBlinkSwag and now BlinkGlobal.

Unparalleled Customer Experience

Ever since our inception, we quickly adapted to the fact that providing excellent customer experience depends on the ever evolving and endless customer services cycle. We realize that developing and delivering products just doesn’t do the job anymore. Instead, it takes delivering an entire solution based on exceptional systems, processes and deliverance.

You Demand, We Supply

Here is a quick look at how we make sourcing easier than ever before


Find Factories

Sourcing from foreign countries is easier when a native resident helps in finding factories. For that reason we have assigned our passionate procurement manager you can trust, in multiple sourcing locations.

Step 1

Site Visits

Our agents are your eyes & ears in a foreign land – your dedicated procurement manager will visit sites in countries you want to source your products from, collecting information and minimizing potential risks.

Step 2


We believe in complete transparency. We offer Second-Party & Third-Party Audits to eliminate the risks of frauds and losses. Our procurement managers go an extra mile to secure your project from any risks.      


Step 3

Competitive Analysis

We offer complete in-depth analysis of your projects, offering you a comparative analysis of competitors in terms of production, quality and pricing, resulting in better negotiations and variety of offers.

Step 4

Production Followup

From the time you place your order with us to the moment your order is produced, our agents consistently maintain scheduled follow-ups on your behalf to keep you updated with the status of your order.

Step 5

Quality Assurance

We understand the risks & fears involved with global sourcing. We guarantee delivering you top quality products by running quality assurance tests, excluding the risks of importing goods once & for all.

Step 6

Shipping Consultancy

What shipping methods suit you best? What payment method should you go for? How can you track your orders? We answer all of these questions & bring multiple options to the table for you to choose from.

Step 7

Product Delivery

Delivering your orders timely and safely is one thing we never compromise on. While product delivery is the last step of your project with us, we make sure we deliver your products to your satisfaction.

Step 8

Sourcing Products from Multiple Industries & Locations!

At Blink, we do not limit ourselves. Specifically when it comes providing services we go above and beyond.

Borderless Sourcing
For BlinkGlobal, borders simply don’t exist. Delivering products from one part of the world to another is a challenge that we just happen to excel in. We are currently sourcing from multiple countries. 

Limitless Industries
If you require a product that is usually difficult to be sourced, leave it to us! No matter what industry you require your products from we will source it for you from the best manufacturers possible. 

Smart, efficient, and sustainable sourcing.

React to fast-changing global sourcing conditions without traveling!

The fast-moving trends in the world of business directly put in motion inevitable waves of change in the sourcing industry. While the sourcing industry will always be vulnerable to unstable economic or political situations, the only way to minimize risks, protect your investments, and ensure a trouble-free workflow is to partner with a trustworthy global sourcing company.

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no matter what you want to import and no matter where you want to import it from, we will do it for you. We offer complete sourcing solutions that guarantee uninterrupted global sourcing!


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