Lower Risks

Our sourcing experts advise you at every step of your project with total dedication till the successful completion of your projects to make sure your project avoids all potential risks and hiccups.

Save Money

Expenditure on sourcing fluctuates between direct costs and purchasing conditions. Our goal is to save as much of your money as possible and get exactly what you desire at comparatively lesser prices.

Save Time

By monitoring every step of your order, we are able to prevent issues before they take place and fix problems as soon as they arise, resulting in lesser production delays and faster deliveries for you.

Be Personally Assisted

From the beginning of your project till the next time you order, you are assisted by ONE professional procurement manager who is assigned just to you to take care of your entire project exactly how you like it.

24/7 Availability

Enjoy our 360° Sourcing Solution with our state-of-the-art ERP system that allows you to follow every ongoing operation at any time, from anywhere. Stay notified, get alerts and be on top of your game 24/7!

Customer Satisfaction

Achieve higher customer satisfaction with quality products sourced by BlinkGlobal. Get rid of unnecessary delays and focus on expanding your business without worrying about the supply chain.


Borderless Sourcing

The fast-moving trends in the world of business directly put in motion inevitable waves of change in the sourcing industry. While the sourcing industry will always be vulnerable to unstable economic or political situations, the only way to minimize risks, protect your investments, and ensure a trouble-free workflow is to partner with a trustworthy global sourcing company.

As your personal purchasing department in multiple countries, BlinkGlobal offers completely transparent, agile, and smart sourcing solutions. We come loaded with complete supply chain management and vendor management services including supplier evaluations, business negotiations, technical assistance, order handling, quality maintenance, and handling logistics.

Benefits of Sourcing with us

Get exclusive access to our thoroughly vetted supplier network

Our vendors and suppliers are thoroughly vetted to ensure that our clients only meet the most reliable and reputable suppliers in the industry. Larger purchase volumes from our suppliers have given us the advantage of getting attractive prices, lower minimum order quantity requirements, and competitive shipping rates. Sourcing with us gives you exclusive access to our extensive supplier network.

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no matter what you want to import and no matter where you want to import it from, we will do it for you. We offer complete sourcing solutions that guarantee uninterrupted global sourcing!


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