Turnkey Philosophy

At BlinkGlobal, our philosophy is to source quality products at comparatively lower costs, ensuring on-time delivery. We provide valuable insights about the market of your targeted product to help you make effective and riskless sourcing decisions. As a sourcing company we offer end-to-end sourcing assistance by helping you source your desired products from your choice of country and offer negotiations with various suppliers at a time, facilitating risk-free delivery and a long-term relationship. Our team of sourcing experts have created a powerful 15-Step Sourcing Mechanism that will give you an insight of how we conduct business, helping you make your decision of sourcing with us. When it comes to global sourcing, we intend on leaving no stone unturned.
Sourcing Beyond Barriers…

Our 15 Step Sourcing Mechanism

Supplier Research

  • Sourcing Supplier
  • Finfing Factories
  • Audtis

Step 1

Contract Negotiation

  • Price Negotiation
  • Supplier & Product Verfication
  • Competitive Analysis

Step 2

Order Monitoring

  • Product Development
  • Dispute Management
  • Product Follow-up Reports

Step 3

Quality Control

  • Quality Assurance
  • Product Changes
  • Inspection Reports

Step 4


  • Shipping Consultancy
  • Custom Clearance Consultancy
  • Payment Management

Step 5

Your Business, Your Way

We assign a dedicated Procurement Manager for your project as soon as you come on board with us. Your Procurement Manager is responsible for the sourcing mechanism and completion of your project while being physically present at your sourcing location and updating you with the status of your project throughout the process. Our well trained team of experts are ready to help you with innovative supply chain management and vendor management solutions, let us make business easier for you.

no matter what you want to import and no matter where you want to import it from, we will do it for you. We offer complete sourcing solutions that guarantee uninterrupted global sourcing!


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