5 Reasons Why You Should Start Sourcing Products from India

Studies indicate that the Indian Diaspora in the United States makes up to 1% of the entire US population. The contributions of Indian Americans in shaping the United States and making it a great country are also innumerable. The two countries also enjoy a cordial relationship. The US remained India’s top trading partner for the second consecutive fiscal in 2019-20, which shows increasing economic ties between the two countries. Indian products have gained immense popularity in the United States and the demand for some particular Indian Products is also increasing rapidly. At BlinkGlobal, we have local agents in India that help our clients get the best products at the most affordable rates. Due to certain competitive reasons, India is a better sourcing choice compared to other Asian countries. In this article, we are shedding some light on the benefits that sourcing from India has to offer.  
  1.       India is now a Leading Supplier of Sustainable Textiles
Over the past couple of years, India’s production of eco-friendly and sustainable products particularly in textiles and apparel has boomed. India is also the largest producer of organic cotton and has over 1,254 Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified facilities. Since the “Green Movement” is on the rise and customers today want sustainable products, Indian suppliers can help you comply with eco-friendly policies and ethics.
  1.       Production Capabilities:
Another great thing that makes India a competitive sourcing choice is the strong technical and engineering capabilities of its suppliers. Indian engineers are known for innovation and the overall workforce is skilled contributing to higher quality production runs. Indian factories are capable of catering to large orders with minimum turnaround time.
  1.       Lower MOQs
MOQ is the lowest set amount of stock that the supplier is willing to sell. International suppliers have set an MOQ on many of their products and don’t cater to orders that fall below it. Larger MOQs can be a major disappointment for small businesses. Coming from our experience, we can comfortably tell you that Indian suppliers generally have lower MOQ requirements compared to other countries such as China and Vietnam.
  1.       Less Communication Problems
One of the major problems that make international sourcing a little risky is the language barrier. Hindrance in communication gaps can cause havoc. Another great thing about India is that English is the country’s second official language. A good percentage of the country’s population can speak and understand English making your job a lot easier.  
  1.       The Relationship Between Indian and the United States is Cordial
The disruption in supply chains due to political tension between the two countries can cause serious consequences for your supply chains.  The growing tensions between the United States and China created problems for many businesses and they started to look for an alternative source. Like mentioned before,  India and the United States have a very healthy relationship and the two countries have common business interests making India the best China – alternative choice. Start Sourcing From India With BlinkGlobal  At BlinkGlobal, we have made sourcing from Indian absolutely hassle free. We have a branch office in India and our local agents have a deep understanding of Indian manufacturing processes. We help our clients get the best products at the most competitive prices. Call us today for a free consultation: 1-800-910-7024