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Globally Sourcing Cashews in Bulk from Africa for Finishers & Wholesalers | BlinkGlobal

“We make it look so easy – because we make it easy for you” The Covid-19 Pandemic has shifted the global sourcing trends and changed the whole supply & demand balance. Various immune-boosting food products have seen a major surge in demand. People across the globe are looking for healthy alternatives to reduce their chances of getting infected by boosting their immune system. Herbs, spices, nuts, seeds, probiotics, and food supplements are on top of the food chain now. Due to the sudden increase in demand, it’s getting harder every day to get access to good quality immune boosting products creating a bottleneck.

Immune-Boosting Cashews

Like most nuts, Cashew kernels are delicious for snacking on and are rich in protein, dietary fibre, antioxidants, and monounsaturated fat. Cashews require a frost-free tropical climate to grow. This limits the plantation in the US to the extreme South; allowing only Florida, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico to harvest cashews. This puts all the demand pressure on US imports.

One-Stop-Shop Sourcing Solutions

BlinkGlobal is an international sourcing company that strictly adheres to FDA regulations. We specialize in dry fruits and nuts sourcing. Although cashew imports can be a sticky process with lots of government requirements and regulations. However, BlinkGlobal streamlines the process for the peace of mind of wholesalers. We keep tabs on the global trends and always source the best products available in the market. 

Only The Best Cashews

The best quality cashew kernels are harvested in Vietnam, India, and African countries like Nigeria. BlinkGlobal has local onsite agents who procure cashews directly from growers after physical inspection and quality assurance. This allows us to remove the middlemen involved, and get the best quality at highly affordable rates.

Hassle-Free Freight-On-Board Services

What makes BlinkGlobal different from other herds of suppliers is that on top of our affordable rates, we also offer Freight-On-Board services. This means that the wholesalers or finishers don’t have to worry about all the risks of shipping regulations and hurdles associated with it. Any loss or delay in shipment remains BlinkGlobal’s problem until it is delivered to your doorstep. 

BlinkGlobal’s Vast Shipping Network

Our large infrastructure and shipping network allows us to make international sourcing look so easy. We have access to international shipping companies and storage hangers all across the major ports. We optimize the processing time and work our way through the shipping chain to deliver your products as soon as possible.

Raw Cashews & Salted Cashews

BlinkGlobal can source raw cashews as well as the finished products. For salted cashews, our shipments can make a pitstop at our finishers in India & Vietnam to roast and salt the cashews. The finished product is then safely shipped again your way. Almost 60% of our finishers are located in Vietnam.


Cashew harvesters do not have to worry about any hassle related to how they are going to sell their raw products. BlinkGlobal’s sourcing model allows us to get directly in touch with harvesters and source their good quality cashew kernels with direct cash payments.


Cashew kernel finishers usually do not have a big infrastructure that allows them to buy, finish, and sell the kernels all alone. BlinkGlobal provides support at every level. We source the raw cashew kernels and get them delivered to finishers so they don’t have to worry about sourcing nuts.


BlinkGlobal has access to global cashew harvesters and finishers that makes the wholesalers’ job easier. We can provide direct access to bulk quantity cashew nuts. We source internationally and deliver door-to-door to retailers, wholesalers, and distributors. Let’s Get Started!