We all interact with packaging material on daily basis. They are an integral part of our daily lives and are the most widely used and easily recognizable items. These items are made using a wide range of materials that include paper, plastic, metal, and more.

However, with the rise of the Green Movement, sustainability has now become one of the pressing concerns to governments, businesses, and the general public throughout the world. Thanks to the internet and social media, customers today are much more informed and educated and admire brands that take sustainability seriously. A recent study has shown that GEN Z shoppers are more willing to pay more for eco-friendly products.

There is no debate in saying packaging products are one of the highest contributors to plastic pollution. At BlinkGlobal, we offer sustainable and environmentally-friendly options to clients across various industries. In this article, we sharing some of the best sustainable packaging options that you can use for your business.

Jute Bags

Composition: Made from the bark of jute plant.

Properties: Strong & durable. Has ventilation and absorbent properties. Has the ability to prevent damage to the packaged product. Can withstand prolonged exposure to hot weather and water.

Eco-friendliness: 100% biodegradable, low-energy recyclable, and can even be used as compost.

Popular Forms: Open jute shopper bag, Jute bag with Velcro closure, Jute bag with zip closure, Wicket jute bag, Jute bag with a drawstring, Jute bags with a handle.

Industries: Affordable solutions for packaging products across a wide range of industries. Jute bags with velcro closure have become extremely popular in retail and cosmetics. Open jute bags are also being used for storing good items. 

Catton Canvas Bags

Composition: Made from cotton. There are also other types of canvas bags made from different fibers.   

Properties: Durable and long-lasting. They also have ventilation and absorbent properties. Light and can be washed without damaging the logo or imprint. They are also customizable.

Eco-friendliness: One canvas bag is equal to 700 plastic bags when used regularly

Popular Forms: Canvas tote bags, Canvas bags with a drawstring, Canvas bags with zippers. Can also be used to make laptop bags, backpacks & laundry Bags

Industries: Since they are lightweight, Canvas bags can be used for industrial use such as retail and supermarkets as well as grocery stores. These bags are available in all sizes and you can print your logo easily on them.

Clear Biodegradable and Printed Compostable Bags

Composition: Made from renewable corn, potato starch, cellulose, sugar cane, or other biodegradable materials.

Properties: Durable, puncture-resistant, tear-resistant.

Eco-friendliness: These bags are designed to produce compost when they undergo the process of degradation. Compostable bags break down in a specified time and environment without causing any damage to the environment.

Popular Forms: Flat bottom compostable bag, Gusseted compostable bags, Food grade cellulose bags, Stand-up compostable pouches, flat compostable pouches, Clear display cellulose bags                                            

Industries: These eco-friendly bags are considered high-grade food packaging options, specifically for food retail. They are lightweight and cheap and being widely used by bakers and confectioners. 

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