The lockdown restrictions are now beginning to be completely lifted and more and more industries are preparing to resume their business operations as we are now in the third and final phase of the reopening plan. There is no debate in saying that sports leagues were amongst the hardest hit businesses by COVID-19. As the virus began to spread, all games were called off and the seasons were also postponed. As we are slowly moving towards reopening, we might be able to watch our favorite games from the stands.  

With Safety Measures Still in Practice:

Health officials are warning to not get carried away as the threat has not been completely eliminated. The government and health agencies have rolled out SOPs for businesses to ensure the safety of customers and employees and non-compliance can result in legal repercussions. Face masks are mandatory for everyone, as businesses must comply with social distancing guidelines. Sneeze guards can be seen everywhere as they are effective in curbing person-to-person virus transmission. Waiters and restaurant staff are putting on protective see-through face shields and visors as PPE is being provided to essential workers.  

Watching Games from the Stands:

Fans are terribly missing the stadium experience matches without fan attendance also appear boring on the screen. League managements understand the blow on the fan experience and are looking for ways to resume a safe return to stands. However, the new stands might appear different from what we are used to. Managements will take several steps to ensure safety as massive gatherings can become a hub of COVID spread. Fans might return in a limited capacity before treatments and preventions for the coronavirus are created. The team management might also request fans to sign up for arrival time at a specific parking spot and then receive a predetermined path to walk to their gate. Upon passing through security checks, a guide or mascot will lead fans to their seats, separated from other guests. Team management will also place protective barriers and sneeze guards at their concession stands and bars. In order to enhance the experience fans might also be requested to submit advance information to understand whom they can sit near. To prevent the spread of the coronavirus via contaminated surfaces, AI solutions might be used that will allow fans to verbally request needs, rather than moving around and touching items. For now, fans will have to wait until proper SOPs are rolled out and health agencies give a go-ahead to team management. But we hope that fans will soon go back to stands without the risk of the virus. Please click here to order Sneeze Guards or call us at 877-433-4466