After weeks and months of heavy restrictions, almost all states have allowed restaurants to resume their dine-in operations. However, health officials are still concerned about the matter as the casual reopening of restaurants can cause case numbers to spike up. This means that we still need to be careful and practice all guidelines provided by health care agencies.

Business Activities Resume

Business activities are resuming in the country. In other words, a significant restart to life has kicked in. Restaurants, shopping malls, salons, and many other businesses have started to reopen for customers. Factory workers have also been called for duty and corporate offices have also been allowed to reopen.

Safety Measures Still in Practice

The government has rolled out SOPs for businesses to ensure the safety of customers and employees and non-compliance can result in legal repercussions. Facemasks are mandatory for everyone, as businesses must comply with social distancing guidelines. Sneeze guards can be seen everywhere as they are effective in curbing person-to-person virus transmission. Waiters and restaurant staff are putting on protective see-through face shields and visors whereas PPE is being provided to essential workers. 

Guidelines for Sit-Down and Dine-in Restaurants

Here are some of the important guidelines for restaurants reopening
  • Salad bars and buffets must have sneeze guards
  • Bar areas inside restaurants are to remain closed
  • Cutlery, napkins, and cups must be thoroughly cleaned
  • Sterilize tables, chairs, and all frequently touched surfaces
  • Discard reusable paper menus or have disposable menus or post the menus online so that diners can view them on their phones
  • Make hand sanitizer readily available to guests

Restaurants going an extra mile to ensure Safety

Some of the restaurants are duly embracing the responsibility and have taken additional measures to ensure the safety of their employees and customers. Here are some of the additional steps.

Social Distancing Markings

Social distancing markings can now be seen everywhere. As per health officials, social distancing is the most effective way to contain the spread of the virus. Restaurants are redesigning their premises and reviewing their dine-in capacity to accommodate customers with ease and safety. Ground markings and digital-signage are being installed in the restaurants that will provide social distancing-guidance at waiting areas, reception, dining halls, and other common areas.

Drive-Thru Shield Sneeze Guard

The restaurant staff and operators on the drive-thru delivery counters are extremely vulnerable to exposure as they get in close proximity to hundreds of people on a daily basis. The best way to protect your staff is by installing a drive-thru sneeze guard. These transparent plastic sheets act as protective barriers and minimize the flow of respiratory droplets between customers and employees. A good thing about these barrier shields is that it discourages staff to lean down and come in physical contact with customers.

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