The proverbial saying, “necessity is the mother of invention” has never been truer. As the Healthcare sector geared up with all its resources to fight the deadly and highly contagious novel corona virus, the engineers and architects also joined the war by providing innovative solutions that help fight and prevent the spread of the disease.

Leading the front is the plastic industry. The acrylic products such as sneeze guards produced by the plastic industry have long been used to prevent contamination at buffets and self-service food counters. However, these products now have experienced a surge in demand as they are being installed and deployed at grocery stores, cafes, banks, and other places to ensure safe person-to-person interactions.

Sneeze guards have emerged as one of the most sought-after safety products. In this article, we are shedding light on how sneeze guards became effective in curbing the spread of COVID-19.

Acrylic Sheets for COVID-19 Safety Products 

Owing to its excellent optical clarity and great impact strength, acrylic sheets are being used to create sneeze guards and other protective barriers shields in the times of COVID-19. Acrylic is a weather-proof flexible material that is non-toxic and easy to disinfect. 

Acrylic Sheets can also be used to make protective face shields and visors for healthcare workers. Made up of clear and non-toxic acrylic sheets that cover the face and a head strap that holds it in place, these acrylic visors are the easiest type of PPE to use.   

COVID-19 is an airborne virus, meaning it can easily spread from the respiratory droplets released by an infected person. A person-to-person encounter with an infected person can be extremely dangerous. This is why sneeze guards are so effective. They act as protective barriers and prevent the spread of respiratory droplets between the people. However, it must be noted that sneeze guards aren’t medical devices. They possess PPE-type qualities that contribute to minimizing transmission, even if customers and employees aren’t wearing masks.

Sneeze Guard Applications

Being an essential business, grocery stores remained open during the lockdowns, and sneeze guards were installed at the checkout counters. However, as we are now slowly moving towards the reopening of the economies, these sneeze guards will experience an unprecedented increase in demand. The government has rolled out SOPs for business to ensure a safe working environment for customers and employees.

Sneeze Guards for Hospitals:

Sneeze guards and intubation boxes have applications throughout the hospital facility. The sneeze guards must be installed at receptions, pharmacies, imaging labs, and waiting areas. 

Sneeze Guards for Restaurants:

Restaurants staff are at a great risk of virus exposure. In order to ensure a safe environment, restaurants must consider installing sneeze guards at ordering counters, receptions, salad bars, and buffets,, and food preparation counters. 

Sneeze Guards for Retail and Supermarkets:

Supermarkets are one of the essential businesses that will continue to operate under all circumstances. Supermarkets and grocery stores experience a lot of foot traffic. As per the recommendations of health agencies, retailers must install sneeze guards at receptions and checkout counters. 

Sneeze Guards for Corporate Offices:

Offices will have to redesign to accommodate work in the post-pandemic era. This will require sneeze guards installations at receptions, in-house coffee bars, and work stations 

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