WHO has requested people to practice social distancing as a measure to control the spread of the virus. The new lifestyle has certainly affected our buying behaviors and preferences. The COVID 19 related Products Influenced Quarter 1 of 2020’s sourcing activity and Quarter 2 of 2020 will likely follow the same pattern. However, it’s hard to predict the future as the situation continues to evolve every passing day.

Health experts suggest that people practice social distancing for at least a couple of months to come. As stay-at-home is becoming the temporary normal, the demand for food products with longer shelf lives will definitely increase, whereas the sales of products that offer protection against the virus will experience an exponential boost. Ensuring customer protection and employee protection is now more important for businesses than paying taxes. So Health & Wellness products will remain a priority for individuals and businesses alike.

The Impact of COVID 19 on eCommerce:

Online retailers are expected to come out as the winners. However, with more than half of the world currently under lockdown and curfew, eCommerce businesses are facing struggles of their own. The disruptions in logistics and supply chains and lack of warehouse services to handle logistics collection have emerged out as the biggest challenges for eCommerce business. 

It’s certainly not a total win for eCommerce as experts believe that certain eCommerce domains particularly fashion and electronics will experience a significant decrease in sales. The reason is pretty obvious, consumers have currently delayed the buying of non-essential goods. If the situation prevails, we might see several retailers closing their doors permanently. Social avenues such as bars, pubs and restaurants are extremely vulnerable as they will remain shut for an unforeseeable time.

So there is no debate in saying that health and wellness products are the clear winners here. Hand Sanitizer is the most sought-after product as WHO has recommended people to keep sanitizers with them all the time. Disinfectants and other surface cleaning products are topping the list of most popular products.

The Impact of COVID 19 on B2B Buyer Behavior

The United States government has encouraged corporations and businesses to prioritize the safety of their employees and consumers. Owing to the new requirements we will also experience a change in B2B buying behaviors. Currently every major purchase is COVID centric. With end-user prioritizing health and wellness products B2B offshore sourcing companies will definitely receive more orders for face masks, sneeze guards, and barrier shields.

The new SOPs provided by health agencies require all organizations that employ essential workers to provide PPE to their staff. An increase in the procurement of sneeze guards/barrier shields and disinfectant tunnels has led to a shortage of these products.

 The shift in buying patterns may be considered as short-term trends but some experts believe that the changes are here to stay even after the crisis is over. As the pandemic continues to haunt the global economy, we expect sourcing for food and health category to continue its upward trajectory.

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